Ostrov Zelyonyy
The Island Zeyonyy can become a federal-level tourist attraction by itself. The unique Volga natural surroundings, ecological tourism and luxury retreat ideally combine with diverse leisure activities in the unforgettable location.
The island Zelenyi provides an opportunity to explore and enjoy the river and its surroundings, creating the identity of locus and connecting to the cultural roots. Different facilities are to help promote the location.

The scheme of island zoning is based on step-by-step gradation of access to the secluded territory for the visitors.
Well thought-out island zoning helps to organize the visitors’ pastime: getting familiar with the Volga flora and fauna during an ecological and cultural expedition around the natural reserve, trying water sport activities, visiting marketplace and buying famous Volga’s crayfish and other local delicacies, drifting away from the city vibrancy in the phytomeditation area or booking the Volga journey and visiting unique natural locations.
There is a wide choice of accommodating options on the island - the spa hotel, the holiday camp, the rental houses, as well as glamping and specially equipped camping sites.
For the cultural entertainment, the island offers visiting the Landing stage museum and attending the Festival program.

The main public center in the central part contains a square for marketplace, a shop, an adventure rope-park and social and educational centers. On the opposite side a restaurant and a boat cinema theater is located on the Volga riverbank.
The water sport objects are concentrated along the axis of the city berth.
The right cliff is adapted for the playing activities and entertainment. There are children’s playgrounds, a model of shipbuilding yard, and a watercraft rental station.
The lower part of walk zone features the best views (the Volga, the Saratov Bridge and Pokrovskie peski).
The eco-park territory includes small trading pavilions, the decorative architectural elements and the “three-house” type summerhouse for visitors’ recreation.
The natural complex of island is conditionally divided on 2 parts:
the area of eco-park with developed paths is a museum of the Volga nature with well-developed excursion routes, where some endangered plants were recently planted.
the wild and protected area where the nature, not the visitors, is dominant.
The concept provides development of coastal recreational locations, a loop path and a minor network of radial connections.
The approach is to keep the territory as intact as possible and at the same time to provide access to the visitors concerned.
Considering the significant area of the land lot, the pedestrian routes are duplicated with a network of developed berths for private and rental boats, which allows combining boat trips and walks and improve the territory’s connectivity
Functional zoning
Scheme of different functional objects’ allocation
 The natural reserve zone
 The natural reserve zone is a wild part of the island where human impact on the local flora and fauna is minimized. The concept provides development of the existing berths and arrangement of a loop path with a small number of inner connections in order to prevent emergence of chaotic paths and tramping down the plants.
The main public zone
The main public zone is tightly connected with the city environment of Saratov by the cableway. It concentrates the main public functions (a food-court, water sports, a restaurant, social and eductional centers, playgrounds for different age kids).
The eco-park zone
The eco-park zone is connected to the walk zone with a bridge from the public center and with a panoramic path around the holiday camps. The park is a developed territory with recreational areas, summerhouses, and eco-path system. It contains all types of greenery and landscape of the island (oak-groves, willow beds, poplar groves, coastal and aquatic plants, sedge marches).
The existing yacht clubs
The existing yacht clubs are being reconstructed and expanded with kayaks, paddleboards and other types of water transport. This will ensure tight connection between the parts of island and help to explore the island.
Walking area
Walking area is the area closest to the main entrance to the territory is similar to the resort. The embankment can boast cafes and entertainment areas as well as wonderful views.
In the western part no construction is provided, except for an observation tower
In the western part, just to demonstrate the views, it was decided to abandon any building, except for the observation tower. a unique boat cinema is located next to the station.
The city beach
The city beach and camping zone are arranged above the cableway, at the same time remaining within the zone of close interconnection with the city, though at a minor distant from the main centers
of attraction and ensures the seclusion intrinsic for the island.
The spa hotel
The spa hotel with its own berth is located within the eco-park, which allows full relaxation away from the city environment.
The holiday camp area
The holiday camp area includes the existing built-up area and the territories beyond the design zone. It is located at the distance from the main island access points and at the same time not too deep into the natural reserve zone to maintain the access to the city for the visitors and personnel.
The architecture of the Zeleny Island reflects the historical heritage and memory of the German Republic located in the Volga region, wooden houses and river ramparts that flourished here until the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.
Western part of the island
Masterplaning, functional zoning and visualization by Dialectica
Architectural design by Megabudka
Masterplaning, functional zoning and visualization by Dialectica
Architectural design by Megabudka
Masterplaning, functional zoning and visualization by Dialectica
Architectural design by Megabudka
Arrangement of comfortable recreation zones is one of the key factors of the park territory development.
The concept provides several types of arrangement for these locations.
Recreational areas are connected to the berth, which is convenient when the natural reserve zone is accessed mainly by watercrafts.
Points of catering are located in the activity zone and in the eco-park as the most visited locations of the island.
Observation areas – for the most exciting overviewing points.
Different types of summerhouses, the type is determined by their location in the landscape (tree-houses for the groves, water and coast).
Small recreational locations for hikers are distributed along all routes.
In order to maintain activities on the island during the cold season, the concept provides A number of winter scenarios.
The berths are equipped with winter fishing spots. The fishing equipment can be rented in the pavilions of summer boat rent. Partly, the recreational spots are equipped with hot drinks’ sale points.
The territory of shipbuilding yard is used as a ski and skate rental station. An ice-rink is to be arranged nearby, on the territory of inner backwaters. Relatively shallow, this part of the Volga is always frozen over in winter.
The ski route is arranged along the perimeter of water body, where the ski track could not damage the plants of island and is easy-to-use; crossing the eco-path pavement is prevented.
Scheme of observation areas and recreation zones
Scheme of winter activitie
The concept provides a pedestrian route system to enable visitors with different expectations walk around the territory and visit the most exciting locations.
a short loop observation route for the visitors of activity zone, who also would like to visit the eco-park (2 km)
a loop route around the park. Will fit the visitors walking within the eco-zone and preferring to spend the shank of the day in the activity zone restaurant (5 km).
a loop route around the entire island for trekking lovers who wish to dedicate their time to a long walk around the island (10 km).
Apart from walking routes arrangement, the island specificity provides water routes. There is a water connection to the city territory of Saratov and the Pokrovskie Peski island, and, in addition, the concept offers water routes along the island Zelenyi.
a boat rental system is available for the visitors; the boats can be moored to any berth.
Scheme of pedestrian and water routes
Pedestrian and bicycle flows diagram
In order to ensure restoration and development of the natural complex of the Zelenyi Island, the concept offers a number of measures of bank consolidation in locations of potential coastal erosion.
In locations that require restoration after effects caused by industrial and touristic activities, planting is arranged.
The eco-park that ensures the conditions for endangered plants and local endemics stimulates development of the local flora.
The natural reserve zone of minimum anthropogenic factor enables natural development, ensuring seclusion.

Economy development:
National companies
Small business development on Zelyonyy Island can be supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade's startup support program. The program may include a yacht club, boat cinema, rope park. The efficient energy supply of the resort is provided by the developments of Rosatom and Rusnano in the field of alternative energy and ecology.
Public catering enterprises work in cooperation with the agro-industrial complex of Saratov.Food production is based on cooperation with local suppliers: the products are grown in the Saratov region. Agribusiness representatives are involved in the creation and maintenance of the nursery garden on the island.
Welcome home
Local furniture makers and carpentry workshops receive orders for the production of small architectural forms for the reconstruction of the island. They also produce unique facilities such as observation towers, glamping, hotel and yacht club furniture.
The sustainable tourist inflow is attracted by eco-hotel that offers waterside accomodation and spa services. Catering representatives suggest trying the local cuisine. The yacht club offers water activities in immediate proximity to the great river. Easy access to the territory is provided by the cableway and developed cycling infrastructure, which allows anyone to get to all the main places of the island.
Scheme of territories reconstruction
Sustainable development: economy

This project is the winner of the Open International Competition for the best architectural and urban planning concepts for the integrated development of Saratov’s city centre.
The subject of the Competition is the development of architectural and urban planning concepts for the integrated development of Saratov’s city centre, including the grounds of the former airport Saratov-Central, Ostrov Zeleny (Green Island), Park Pobedy (Victory Park, Glebuchev Ovrag (Glebuchev Ravine) and Pokrovskie Peski (Pokrovsky Peski) Island.

Our consortium:
Faculty of Biology Saratov State University
with the participation of:
Territory Development Institute
Syntesis (visualisations)
Perspectiva (videoproduction)
Igor Nikonov
Alena Zaitseva
Elena Prishina

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