Manhattan Sport Center
Sport Center
New York, NY
Margarita Odintsova
Author of design concept
The idea behind the Manhattan Sport Center was to create a place where sports and the city would meet. Different sports events can be seen when your getting your morning coffee, or just taking some time to relax. This building has the potential to become one of the brightest places in Manhattan. Both locals and guests of New York would enjoy the complex and its many venues it has to offer.
The building is located on one of the main streets of New York City - Madison Avenue, in the historical district - Manhattan. This area is also famous for the largest New York park - the Central Park, which is the main activity location for citizens and tourists.
The new sports center will create a new center of attraction for both athletes and local residents and will complement the sports infrastructure of the area.
The shape of the new building symbolize a basket, with a ball just thrown into it. The main facade is made of crystal clear glass so that people moving along Madison Avenue can see everything that happens inside.

The interior is an open space, filled with everything that is necessary for a comfortable visiting, including cafes and shops. The main interior detail is the ball in the center of the building, it is a media screen on which announcements of upcoming events are broadcast, also when there are no games, visitors can watch broadcasts of matches of the national basketball league. Behind the media screen, inside of the ball, on the third floor is a basketball hall that covered with a transparent dome. On a second floor under basketball hall is located fitness hall, and locker rooms for sportsmen. On the first floor there are shops, cafe, technical units, and staff rooms. Also, underground there is parking for 50 cars for visitors.
The basketball court, placed in a center of building, becomes the fulcrum of the internal layout to which all of the paths leads to
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