National bank of Kazakhstan
21.00 – 00.00
Astana, Kazakhstan
Margarita Odintsova
Author of design concept
Thinking about design of National bank of Kazakhstan in Astana we wanted first of all create reliable, substantial building in classic style with elements of national color.
Facade details, an urban and landscape design incorporating a monument of "The golden warrior" emphasize the national identity, and significance of this statue to Kazakhstan.
A classical style is used in the design of the Building – The exterior is symmetrical with wide pillars, and large sections of glazing. The interior utilizes natural finishing materials combined with metal impost and toned glass. All of the elements used in the design help create a modern solid building that represents the status of The National Bank of Kazakhstan.

The building has a symmetrical floorplan with a clear division of functional zones. In the center of composition there is a Bank vault. Galleries around create a convenient access to different parts of the building
The National bank of Kazakhstan
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