Stavropol Airport
A.V. Suvorov
6 000
Russian Federation
Irina Zlobina
Author of design concept
Inspired by Tiflis gates we wanted to design something modern and monumental.
New gates to Stavropol that will welcome visitors to this beautiful city.
The new terminal is inspired by The Tiflis gates - one of the most memorable and brightest symbols of Stavropol.
Repeating arches used in the design of the façade echoing Byzantine architecture, but in new modern way. An open gallery in front of the building protects glazed facades from direct sunlight, provides shading and protection against rain and snow.
The use of natural textures in interior and exterior creates warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors to explore this region.

The compact design of the terminal provides an intuitive and simple space that helps minimize connection times.
The terminal's design utilizes modern and historical architectural methods to create a new and unique place for the Stavropol.
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