Airport Vladikavkaz

Russian Federation
Tatyana Vankova
Author of design concept

The nature of the North Osetia inspired us to design the new airport in Vladikavkaz. We wanted to create a modern building with a dynamic shape the would represent the region and complement the surrounding landscape.
Most of the territory of North Ossetia is occupied by mountains. It is believed that the mountains are the main treasure of this region. The new airport in Vladikavkaz provides a modern view of the Caucasus mountains.
The energy-efficient terminal consists of low-e glazing to reduce on heat gain, a futuristic geometrical roof that has large over hangs to provide shading.
The double roof hides all of the engineering equipment and protects it from rain and snow.

The terminal welcomes people to Vladikavkaz with its natural surrounding landscape and inspires them to continue their journey in the Caucasus.
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