Airport Alexei Leonov

Russian Federation
Michail Davydov
Author of design concept

While designing this conception we were inspired by Alexei Leonov and wanted to share his feeling of complete freedom and amazement with all passengers that will visit this airport. By creating transparent facade and mainly focusing on interior we wanted to surprise people and remind them how much more we need to learn about space and the world around us."
Alexei Leonov became the fifteenth human in space and the first human to conduct a spacewalk after exiting his capsule during the Voskhod 2 mission.
The Architectural design of the new airport symbolizes this important step in humanities history.
The terminal's clean and simple shape represents the void of space. A mesh construction with different-sized lamps are used mimic distant constellations.

Inside of the terminal space flows from ceiling to the floor and reflects in steel construction of the facade. This airport will become one the unique places in Kemerovo.
Airport Alexei Leonov
Interior was created by Dialectica
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